Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program


The Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program has distributed 10,000 kid bags during non-school days.

The Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program, a vital piece of the programmatic offering, was created from the need to ensure children had year round access to free nutritious meals.

During the school year, eligible children qualify for free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch through the National School Lunch Program. However, when these children are out of school for the holiday and summer vacation breaks, they don’t always have the same access to food, and many are at risk of going without eating at least twice daily. When the UFB considered this crucial gap in services, the agency initiated the Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program to provide children and their families’ groceries to supplement the school’s food program.

Now, these families are assured of having breakfast and lunch for their children throughout the calendar year. The UFB works closely with the local Hillsborough County Public Schools Area 6 to readily identify those students eligible for participation.


Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program Facts

~ 150 Weekly Weekend kids bags to local schools 

~ Provides meals to over 7,ooo children each year during our of schools times including winter, spring, & summer breaks.

~ Ensuring no child in our community goes hungry when schools are closed

~ Over 75,000 pounds of food is distributed yearly

~ During our annual canned food drive with Area 6 Hillsborough County Public Schools, over 36,665 pounds of food were donated, generating 54.600 meals for our community’s children in need